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Miss Anson initial to practice yoga is learning with friends. Once she started practice, she fell in love with yoga and found the right way for develop her career. Miss Anson believes that teaching yoga as that would directly impact people’s quality of life. She hopes she can bring the beauty of yoga to her students, not only bringing physical benefits but also happiness, freedom and wholeness of life. Miss Anson quitted her clerical job and obtained Diploma in India from World Conscious Yoga family (Akhanda Yoga). Apart from practicing yoga, Anson loves reading and continues to study philosophy and natural remedies enhance her own knowledge.

Anson剛開始學習瑜珈時只是陪朋友學習。但當她真正開始接觸瑜珈後,就深深愛上了瑜珈並從中找到她的興趣與開創自我的事業生涯。 成長後開始從事瑜珈教學,因為這將直接影響人們的生活質量,且他希望他能給他的學生們帶來最優質的瑜珈,不僅能增強身體上的好處,也能帶來幸福、自由和生 命的整體性。 Anson更放棄文職工作到印度World Conscious Yoga family (Akhanda Yoga) 取得瑜伽200Hrs導師文憑,除了平時練習瑜珈外,Anson也很熱愛閱讀,並不斷地追求進步,努力學習哲學與自然療法的科學瑜珈,持續提高自我的知 識。

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